Holy crapoly... Merry Christmas to me! I'd Rather Be Blogging was chosen by Google's Blogger a "Blog of Note" on Christmas Day, 2009! The best part? All the new friends it has brought me. Thank you Google's Blog Of Note chooser!

I am also most honored to have received these wonderful awards and gifts.

Thanks, my friends.

Aw, Sam, thank you so much!

Thanks Jackie!

Thank youTWolf!

Coolness Sproglet!
Thank you so very much!

Babs! You are awesome!!

Babs!Thank you once again!

Thank you Lady Banana!

Babs! Thank you!

Aw, Janet,
thank you so much!

Thank you Jay!

Thank you Drowsey Monkey!

Thank you Irene!

Thank you Irene!

Thank you Irene!

Thanks Bradley!

Blog Of The Day Awards Winner
for Monday, May 28, 2007

Thanks Vegas

Thanks Judd!

Thank you so much Pamela!

Aw, thanks for the
cute bear Reforming Geek!

Marsha! How very sweet of you!

Aw, Tony, thank you so much!

Aw Drowsey,
what a great award! Thank you!

Jay, thank you so much

Aw, JoJo,
you are too kind!

Babs! You are too kind! Thank you!

Thank you Aimeslee!

Thank you KarenMeg!

Thank you so much Janet!

Thanks Toners!

Thank you Toners!

For blogs you love so much you just want to plant a wet one on 'em.
Thanks Jenny!

For November 14, 2007.
Thank you DJ!

For February 20th, 2008.
Thank you again DJ!

For May 14th, 2008. Woot!
Third time winner!
Thank you again DJ!

Thanks DixieChick!

Thanks Megan!

Yeah, I should be doing laundry, yardwork, cleaning the house or planning meals. But frankly, I'D RATHER BE BLOGGING...